2019-09, Sarajevo : CIDREE Arts Experts group Meeting : An international survey on Arts Education resources for Teachers

Le groupe d’experts du CIDREE “Arts education” s’est réuni à Sarajevo pour présenter les résultats d’une étude internationale coordonnée :

Quelles ressources pour se former en éducation artistique et culturelle? / Comment les enseignants identifient et utilisent des ressources pour nourrir leurs enseignements artistiques  ?

Le rapport général est accessible en ligne sur le site du CIDREE.

Le rapport pour la France est accessible ici :  CIDREE Arts Survey 2019- FRANCE.

Ci-dessous, le début du rapport collectif:

CIDREE Arts Expert Group Project

Arts expert group members: Fred Boss (Ireland), Jean-Charles Chabanne (France), Ron Cowie (Scotland), Liia Jung and Inge Raudsepp (Estonia), Stéfanie van Tuinen (Netherlands), Danica Vasilj (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Summary Report

November 2019

A qualitative study to identify and explore resources that are currently being used effectively to build confidence and support teaching the arts in primary education.

 Research project question :  

‘Effective resources to support arts education – how do teachers identify and use resources to effectively support their teaching of the arts?’


 The idea for this project arose from a discussion at the arts expert group meeting held in Lyon in September 2017. The topic of this meeting was “Art education resources for teachers”. The focus of the meeting was a discussion about the digital resources that are currently available for the professional development of teachers of arts education. The group also discussed the development and integration of arts education within 21st century curricula.

During the discussions in Lyon, group members identified an issue of mutual interest, namely that primary teachers may be confident in teaching some of the arts subjects in the primary curriculum in each country but are rarely confident in teaching all the arts subjects. This discussion on the skills and self-confidence that is required of teachers when teaching the arts in primary schools reflected the discussion at a previous experts group meeting in Utrecht in September 2016. The meeting was organised by SLO Netherlands on the theme, “Experiences with a contemporary curriculum in visual arts and how it contributes to 21st century needs and skills”.

As a result of these discussions, the group members decided to submit a proposal to the CIDREE Board to undertake a research project that would identify resources that are effective (and effectively used) in building confidence and supporting teaching of the arts in primary education.

A subsequent arts expert group meeting held in Dublin in September 2018 was used to discuss the Lyon proposal further and plan it out in more detail, in order to submit it in time for the next CIDREE Council meeting in November 2018. The group’s proposal was accepted and a small amount of funding was granted for translation into English of each country’s summary report contribution.

Lire la suite sur le site du CIDREE.


Art(s), langage(s), formation, éducation, apprentissage(s)

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