AERT CIDREE expert meeting, Lyon 2017 : Presentation of data base

CIDREE Expert Meeting : AERT – Art(s) Education Resources for Teachers : What kind of digital resources for the Continuing Professional Development of teachers of Art(s) Education ?

A key problem for a better development and integration of Art(s) Education in 21st century curricula
(AE = Art(s) Education = Arts education and Education through the arts)

The participants of the CIDREE Expert Meeting AERT, held in Lyon, 27-28 Sept. 2017, agreed to share their national documents on a collaborative and dynamic platform, with the aim of creating an index of key resources available in their countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Ireland, Nederland, Scotland) that  could be considered as effective tools for the Continuing Professional Development of teachers of AE (especially for non-specialists).

A typical question encountered from teachers was:

I’m a teacher in charge of AE and I’m not really comfortable in certain artistic fields. Where can I find useful ideas, material and advice to help me design AE lessons and projects for my classroom ? Beyond that, what kind of resources or opportunities exist for my personal and professional development in that field ?

This website is a work-in-progress that is open to the participants of the Expert Meeting to build up a database of links  to resources and other  relevant information. It is a pilot for what could become  a collaborative tool for sharing the documentation from the participating countries.

Go to the AERT database.



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